a day in photos – Christmas Eve

waking up before the sun rises is not something that happens often in my lifetime (what can i say…i’m a night owl!), but in Whistler it’s all too easy to accomplish! The sun sleeps in, which allows us plenty of time to soak up the peaceful views of the valley below
we hang out around the fire
lil bro looking a tad too chillaxed
(i love this photo so much because it really does not look like him! hehehe)
while the mister braves the cold for some footage
of the eerie morning sky ❀

we head to Southside Diner for breakfast, where large mugs of coffee are consumed
the kids with the blues
and us with our rosy cheeks
breakfast time means more of those potatoes
(see! potatoes everywhere!)
mama decided to be an eskimo to stay warm
(how great is that hood?! so jealous!)
we marvelled at gingerbread houses
while the mister decided to join the bobsled team πŸ˜‰
we wandered through the village at nightfall (which happens surprisingly early! say…4ish!)
ate very filling meals
and bid farewell to Christmas Eve…

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