a day in photos

I’m quite certain a prerequisite to being part of my family is the need to be a little bit mad…
…like standing outside barefoot (in a few inches of snow!!), wearing non-winter appropriate clothing whilst taking photos…of snow
Can you blame us? The view was spectacular!
We all ended up with frozen toes & had to fight for “fire-time” 😉
The girls all ready to go
Anna all rugged up!
We seriously underestimated the amount of snow falling (& the impact that would have on our ability to walk & see properly!)
We were completely frozen by the time we made it down the hill, but I still found reason to dance (note: not a smart move on icy ground!)
Posing with my favourite Aunty 😉
They finally managed to get Mikes name right
Being super touristy with Mama & Mel under the rings
Peter & Rosa arrived -minus their bags! Eeeeps! So Peter decided to choose the one drink that had more garnishes then anything else (note the bacon next to the olive…yes really!)
After all the walking there were two things on our mind…
…the hot tub…
…and something to warm us up!

Happy wedding eve guys! Can’t wait for tomorrow

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