St. Kilda Says…

St Kilda Festival is here again & for once, so am I! I’m not sure whether or not this is a blessing though, as I’m not fond of large crowds! 😉
To start off the day, Gracie & I decided to take pups for a lovely walk along the beach… away from St Kilda! I only managed to snag one photo, which is completely wonky as pups decided to pull my arm just as I took it!
We made a pitstop for coffee (naturally!) before turning around & heading back into the thick of things
We decided the best way to tackle the day was to just embrace it…so we did!
We caught up with friends, had drinks in crowded locations, went by a slew of different stages & took advantage of living so close to the action…by escaping for a couple of hours & watching it from above 🙂

As the sunset, we headed down to the beach & made our way to the main stage to see Tim Finn ❤
Gracie had no idea who he was, but bopped along with me & the rest of the crazy crowd
oh Tim ❤ I do love you (I won’t lie…i love Neil more! ❤ hah!)

See you next year St Kilda Fest (…if i’m in town…)

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