My sewing machine has been sitting away on my shelf for quite a few months now, so I thought I’d bring her out for a bit of a crafty afternoon (aka – crafternoon)
The baby quilt I was making my dear friend & her gorgeous baby boy has still not been completed (ahh! I’m such a bad friend! I haven’t been able to buy the backing yet!), so I thought I would use the leftover fabrics & make a matching alphabet cushion 🙂
I sketched a giant J onto some paper (freehand…somehow it turned out ok…? weird!), got my scrap pieces of fabric & began placing them over the paper. When I found a format I liked, I’d cut to size & then stitch.
For the backing I found a piece of black fabric, making a little heart to stitch on the side ❤
After all the fiddling around, I stitched this baby up, stuffed it and…..

A lovely alphabet cushion for baby Jonno 😀

I then realised that many of my friends have names starting with J… my my my… 😉
(not-so)secret plans are in the making…

Happy Crafternoon lovelies

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