instant love

While I was cleaning up today I stumbled across a stack of instax mini pictures I took while overseas
Instant love <3
I don’t know how I managed to forget about them, but there were 25 little pretties all stored in a box at the bottom of a bag!
Instant love <3
Most of them were from my Mama’s wedding
Instant love <3
including these three of the mister & I
(well, we were a bit snap happy at the wedding…hehehe)

I also have almost 200 stored in a box that I’ve take since I first got my instax mini, so I’ll have to start scanning them & uploading them all (along with a hundred polaroids I’ve taken over the years!)

Are you obsessed with instant photos? If so, what type is your favourite?
I’m in love with any sort of instant – photobooth, polaroid, instax…& those little sticker booth machines! 😉

To instant love ❤

3 thoughts on “instant love

  1. i just stumbled upon your blog and it's so full of inspiring little photos i love it! i will have to become a new follower! :)

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