Daily Outfit

Today is freeezing, possibly made colder by the fact that I got caught in a sudden downpour without an umbrella or large shady tree in sight! 
My first attempt at an outfit resulted in a very severe expression, due to having the doors open to allow more light to seep in our apartment…
Daily Outfit
see – severe! šŸ˜‰
(also, tiny! Because said severe face is scary!)

I decided to add a few more layers and try again…
Daily Outfit
Daily Outfit
I’m wearing:
  • back buttoned cream blouse – thrifted
  • black pleated skirt – thrifted
  • green handmade knitted jumper – thrifted
  • black tights – sears
  • purple suede shoes – wittner’s
  • black & white polka dot headband – forever 21 (I think?)
Daily Outfit
Daily Outfit
Ohh! And my most favourite wool & fur coat ever that I purchased on etsy last year ā¤

All the thrifted items (minus my coat!) will be slowly making their way to my soon to be open shop! Weeeeee!!! Keep an eye out for more news!)

So excited for layers! Bring on winter

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