other pretty things

I blog a lot about my life – rambling about my friends, family, travel & the adventures I get up to…but I decided I wanted to get a few set features over here to get some more structure in my life (ahem…blog…).
You may have noticed the blog name change (which I’ll talk about more later…), so I thought it was only fitting to have a feature of the same name.
Other pretty things will be a weekly list of, well…other pretty things! Things I love that don’t involve me (to give you a break from my life, at least once a week 😉 hehehe)

So here we go lovelies…my first ever other pretty things

1. Elsie’s new Red Velvet dress range ❤
Wedding Cake Dress
I don’t know which one I love more…the wedding cake dress
The Pen Pal Dress
…or the Pen Pal dress

2. Moorea Seal’s Fairy Cluster Ring
Fairy Crystal Cluster
So sad this beauty has sold – it’s just so enchanting ❤

3. LA’s incredible Pyrex collection!!

check out her blog – I’ve been geeking out over her pyrex collection all week!

4. this wig!

There are so many incredible colours, but this one takes the cake!

5. this…

6. this filmclip

The Mister called me through to tell me he had something he thought I’d want to see…
It took me 30 seconds of watching (& for someones face to appear) for me to figure out who it was…& then I seemed to revert to my giggly teeny self 😉 This just makes me so happy ❤

What other pretty things have you come across lately?


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