Daily Outfit 5/3/11

Since I’ll be sharing a lot of my thrifting finds over the coming days, I thought it was only fair to show my usual thrifting outfit!
Now, as much as I would love to don my lovely vintage dresses & cute flats, I learnt (after the first day of doing that!) very quickly, that wasn’t a smart idea! All the stores I frequent are within walking distance, (well, walking at a rather vigorous pace…& for quite a while…) so walking without good shoes and comfy clothes is just nightmarish! The weather has also been completely unpredictable, boiling hot one minute, raining the next (well, I guess this is Melbourne!) so stretchy jeans are the way to go!
Daily Outfit
Daily Outfit
I’m wearing:

  • black skinny jeans – Sportsgirl
  • black singlet – Sportsgirl
  • leopard print 3/4 sleeved cardi – Forever 21
  • checked shoes – Sportsgirl
  • knitted purple bow necklace – Kute Kiwi
  • assorted rings & bangle- etsy, Forever 21 & gift
  • birdie broach – nook art
  • silly face – alllll my own ๐Ÿ˜‰

Daily Outfit
Daily Outfit
Daily Outfit
Daily Outfit
(I got stuck in a downpour on the way back from my thrifting spree today – hence the dirty shoes…honest!)

So this is my thrift uniform! Jeans, singlet, cardi & sneakers! Perfect!
What do you wear when you’re thrifting?


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