a sleepy kind of day

Today has been a very sleepy kind of day. Maybe it’s the cloudy skies & the cooler temperature (yay! Autumn is a-coming) but our household has been sleepy central.
Puppy has been snoozing on Mama (while Mama has been playing around with the blog – have you noticed things all over the place of late? It must be something in the air! I just can’t stop playing around and changing things!)

and even Mikey’s been snoozing…(though he did get up at 5am for work…unlike pups & i!) not to mention that it is his birthday tomorrow, making today his birthday eve (or his very Merry unbirthday) which i’m pretty sure entitles him to a snooze or two 😉

While my little family snoozes, I’ve been baking up a storm! First up was my second batch of yummy love heart cookies (for the week!), though we did gift most of the first batch to our friends (thank goodness! We successfully managed to eat the rest! eeeps!) I made them with unsalted butter (as the recipe states!) for the first time in months & realised it really does make a difference! So much more delicious!
I then got busy baking chocolate & coffee pots – a delicious treat for the coffee/chocolate-addicts in your life (ie – Mikey & I!) as a back up in case my cheesecake is a flop. Hey, at least i’m prepared right? 🙂

I have managed to put off the cheesecake baking until now, so I fear another baking-all-nighter is going to occur for this baby to be ready for the birthday boy tomorrow! So let the baking begin! Well… once I’ve had my cup of tea…
Have a happy weekend folks


One thought on “a sleepy kind of day

  1. I do not love all-nighters, but I must say, a baking all-nighter sounds so nice compared to the other kinds. Perhaps I'll plan one when I go home…

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