corners of our home

I’ve been meaning to share some snippets of our home for a while now, & my recent obsession with PictureShow (the app that may or may not have me hooked) has made our cozy corners look even more inviting!
We’ve been living in the same apartment for almost 8 years now, not something we had originally intended on doing, but with properties in the area sky-rocketing, renting was just the more sensible & feasible option for us. Not to mention our space is incredible – set above a shop on a busy retail strip with everything we could want on our doorstep (literally!)
corners of our home

While Mike loves a very modern, sleek look, i’m all for colour & movement (mess, as Mike calls it 😉 hehe) so there is an amusing mix of clean white lines & vintage finds! I’m currently winning the battle, introducing some fun & quirky retro pieces in little at a time…though the funniest sight has to be our studio/sunroom! Look to your right & you find Mike’s desk, computer and posters neatly set in the space. Look to the left…well, it’s like a colour explosion! The only simple thing is my white ikea shelf, but even that is draped in colourful fairy lights, instant photos and haphazardly placed artwork! (my desk is a work in progress at the moment – kind of my dumping zone as I re-arrange my space)

Apart from our laptops, this is the most used appliance in our house! Every morning (usually before I even get out of bed!) this trusty machine is fired up & delivers some of the most delicious coffee’s outside of a cafe (when Mike is operating it that is! My attempts can be…well, let’s say a little hit or miss)

Nestled firmly in a slight enclave is one of my favourite corners – our bookshelf! It houses our book collection (minus all my books still in storage at my Dad’s house!) & constant reminders of our love of travelling! We’ve amassed quite a collection of knick-knacks from all over the globe – the golden gate bridge, tokyo tower, statue of liberty & the las vegas sign are just a few of the mini buildings covering our bookshelf, along with a few posters & books of San Francisco (the city where we met & fell in love – with the city & each other! awwww sappy! hehehe)

It’s a constant work in progress, but I hope you enjoyed the mini tour!

8 thoughts on “corners of our home

  1. Hi! I'm Jadey's friend.. what a nice blog! 🙂 What clips are those that you are using to hang the pictures from the string? I've been using paper clips and binder clips but they aren't great.Leila

  2. Hey Leila! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)We bought our picture hanging clips from a hardware store a few years ago, but we just bought a picture hanging kit from our local art supply store! :)It comes with wire, there metal clips that secure onto the wire and a little tool to put them on! :)x

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