puppy play dates

The past few days have looked like this…
Puppy play dates have ruled supreme, with Kerouac finally snagging her self a boyfriend (of sorts) in little Mister Chester Drawers (slightly cougar-ish, with Kera being 5 years his senior! hehehe). More play dates are set for next week, so hopefully they don’t drag me around when we head out on walkies! 😉

Life has gone into overdrive at the moment!
Today has thrown a million different paths my way, and i’m on a super tight deadline to make a decision (as in, now!)…but I’m loving everything minute of it. I’ll be sharing details soon, as well as asking for some advice/opinions.

What’s making you tick this week?


One thought on “puppy play dates

  1. My ticking has been my son's bands' new recordings. I get to hear demo's before the fans do…..but I'd swap all that for those cute little doggies……!

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