to market to market we go

The Finders Keepers Market was amazing! So great to see everyone that popped by over the weekend – I was in awe of all the amazing stalls!

We were a bit confused when we rolled up to find 4 tables to work with (rather then the 2 we were expecting) but we made do & managed to fit them all in our allocated area & fill them with stock! Go team! 

In the rush of it all, I didn’t take anywhere near as many photos as I wanted to…that & my camera battery died so I kind of had no choice!
I managed to grab a few minutes away to check out some amazing stalls – Truth Be Told, Only Midge & the Rabbit & the Duck were my favourites!
I also managed to miss out on cupcakes…on both days!! Andrew suggested I go first thing in the morning & just save them till later, so I scoped them out, saw that there were heaps…then came back just after lunch time…& they were all gone 😦 Zombie brains & fluffy ewok had our names on them (I’d convinced Andrew he needed a fluffy ewok…zombie brains was allllll mine 😉 hehehe)

I didn’t get to buy half of the things I wanted to, mainly because finding time to run away from the stall was limited, but I had a blast & loved meeting everyone (though my conversation skills were rather lacking towards the end of sunday…stringing words together was near impossible for me!)
Hope everyone had a great time & I can’t wait till the next one


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