polka dotties

Here is proof that I have far too much time “on my hands” (this “joke” was followed by “get it?? Your haaaandds”…yes strange drunk man at the bar…very funny…)

I’m not the best with nail polish…if I manage to get it on the nail at all it’s an achievement (just like colouring in as a child…allllll over the place! hehehe) so I did feel like I was being a bit presumptuous in thinking I could not only paint my nails, but also add on polka dots…but I guess there’s a first time for everything right?
*insert happy dance here*

I started with a pale yellow base & then added some lovely black polka dots with my trusty paint brush (I didn’t trust myself using the nail polish brush. I was certain if I did that, I would end up with one giant black splotch on each nail!)

And it didn’t even take that long to do (possibly due to the fact that I was impatient & might not have let the coats dry in between application…but it still looks cute!)
I’m kind of in love with them… ❤


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