My finds of late have been like stumbling across buried treasures!Β 
I find myself imaging who she is, the owner of my new found treasures. A lady of great style & taste, packing up & moving on to a new phase of her life. Letting go of all the memories that held her back…

I looked like a total packhorse carrying all these goodies home!
The anchor giftware boxed set looked like a discarded wedding gift from many (many!) years ago

even the box was in perfect condition!

I found a few beauties, including this 1950’s Ada of California swimsuit!! It’s in incredible condition, but unfortunately is far too teeny for me 😦
The beautiful hat/wig box in the back is also one of my favourites – the blue floral lining is still intact & it’s going to be perfect as carry on luggage!

I can’t stop laughing at this little collection! All found on the same day, at the same shop! Clearly someone no longer loved brown! πŸ˜‰

this framed “no place like home” embroidery was too sweet to leave!

Vintage blazers, fabric stashes, hand painted skirts & unique mugs were other favourite finds.

Finding all these beautiful items makes me reflect on their past & on my own. What am I holding onto & why? How is this benefiting me? Can I be like the lady I imagined above, letting go of all the memories that are holding me back..?


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