Hello & welcome to a very drawn out & delayed Other Pretty Things. I started this post on the March 28th, saved it to drafts & promptly forgot about it until today when I starting writing a new Other Pretty Things! Whoopsies! 
I spotted Truth Be Told at the Finders Keepers market (& snapped myself up one of the loveliest greeting cards) but this print won my heart. Isn’t it the sweetest?!
This dress was just listed over at Simplicity is Bliss (one of my favourite etsy stores!) & i’m completely in love! Not only is it in my size, but it’s just perfect for Autumn!

I just discovered Martha Stewart Living on the iPad & just staring at the front cover animation made me so excited! (like when I first say Emma Watson on the cover of a magazine on the iPad…and she blinked! I swear, it made me feel like I was in a Harry Potter movie!) While I do love actual magazines, online magazines open up a whole new world of possibilities! Love ❤
Rachel over at Smile & Wave has begun posting a tour of her home & it is one of the loveliest places I have ever seen! She has such a wonderful eye for details & all the pieces of her home have stories & meaning behind them! So far she’s shared her Kitchen & Middle Room, Living Room & her kids shared bedroom! If you love vintage & stylish homes, Rachel’s is a must to check out!
I couldn’t help myself with this! I watched Burlesque the other day & Cam Gigandet as Jack just made me swoon a teensy too much! I don’t know if it was the eyeliner (haha), the bowler hat or the suspenders (or you know…just him!) but he was another pretty thing that just needed to be posted about 😉

Arielle over at a beautiful journey posted about being…still, & it really resonated with me. I used to spend most of my time writing…hours & hours on end (even my math & science exercise books are filled with beautiful words) Also my love of stargazing…It’s been years since I’ve just been outside at night, silently watching the stars. It was one of my most favourite things to do & i’d find time for it almost everyday. I’d lay & look up at the night sky & just be…I’ve tried a few times here, but the constant city lights drown out the stars…

Moorea also had an incredibly beautiful post about How to Invest in You. It’s a definite must read for anyone, and particularly struck a chord as I had just painted my nails for the first time in months! Have a read and join in!
She wrote a follow up post Be Proud of You that’s just as brilliant! (& she was lovely enough to include a pic of my polka dotty nails! Thanks lovely!)
So get out your favourite polish, spend some time on you, snap some pics and send them Moorea’s way!

Hope you’ve all had a wonderful week & thanks for stopping by & checking out my Other Pretty Things!
Enjoy the weekend

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