Picnic Joy

It was a beautiful Spring-like day on Tuesday (Spring-like as it’s Fall over here!) so Grace, Deb & I decided that a picnic was the best way to go. Now, we’ve been wanting to have a picnic for years…years! I really have no idea what had ever stopped us, as we only made tentative plans about a picnic the night before! AHHH! Look at all the fun we’ve been missing out on!
I’m keeping my eyes peeled for more picnic baskets for the girls so that as Winter sets in we can all bring a basket each… filled with warm cocoa, tea & more blankets then you can poke a stick at!
(in saying that, I saw 6 yesterday but was unable to carry them along with my other goodies! sadness!)

The picnic basket was pretty heavy…& adding food into the mix made it a two person job just to carry it! (& that’s not including the cider – those babies were in my bag!)

We found a nice sunny spot in the corner of my favourite park, set up our blankets, cranked some tunes on Deb’s cute radio & then the feasting began.

Deb didn’t waste any time getting ready for food (well, she didn’t want to ruin her lovely vintage dress that I made her purchase! hah – I think I do that a lot to my friends…hehehe love you guys!)

We had so much food it was kind of ridiculous! Delicious, but ridiculous! 😉

The strawberry & lime cider is my new favourite! Not only is it adorably pink, but it’s so sugary sweet that you forget you’re drinking alcohol! Kind of like a sugar syrup! mmmdelish 😉

(we also had pear cider & apple cider…the perfect picnicy drink)

My self portrait taking skills were completely lacking! This is the only photo where all of our heads ended up in the frame 😉

(see?! That’s me over on the faaaar right…well, that’s my dress!)

I’m pretty sure we could have stayed there all evening, but as the sun set the warmth kind of evaporated…and with that we quickly gathered up our goodies, repacked the giant basket & were on our way
Goodbye sun…Goodbye fabulous picnic in the park! You havem’t seen the last of us 😉

9 thoughts on “Picnic Joy

  1. The best picnics are always organised less than 24hours in advance! I think it's already gotten too cold here but if we get one last warm day I'm heading straight out there!

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