you know how i said i’d be back tuesday..?

well…i lied!

Can you blame me? 😉

It got to Monday & I just didn’t feel ready to come home…so thanks to the wonderful DebbieLegs who offered to house/puppy sit another week…i’m still up north enjoying another glorious week of family, food & relaxing! ❤
I’d only planned on a weekend away, so I’m without my laptop, camera cables (and charger!) & enough clothing for the rapidly changing seasons (ie: it was very warm for the few days I was meant to be up…it is now becoming increasingly cold, especially at night!), but I’ve managed! I came across some vintage treasures including an italian straw hat, a gorgeous lime green dress & 2 of the flounciest skirts you’ve ever laid eyes on! All of this plus the 3 very large hardcover books (that will take up my bag on their own!) mean that my ticket of no checked luggage is not going to work! Must remember to change that one! 😉
Have a wonderful weekend folks…family time really is the greatest 😉


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