the reluctant hostess & other foody things

I bought this book to give to my girlfriend who was hosting a potluck (with a twist!) dinner party…but fell in love with it & kept it for myself! Ooops 😉

The dinner party was incredible – far too much food for the 5 of us…

(…but we managed…)

Now, the “twist” part was that we all had to bring something we’d never served to someone before…

Clueless with what I could make upon arrival (seeing as I’ve just started full time work & am still getting used to the public transport system! Gah!), I went to my lovely friend Juj’s old foodie blog for some inspiration…& I found it in in the form of baked camembert!

Now I know it doesn’t look very appealing (& I really am not the best when it comes to food preparation!), but note how little was left…yup, it was a huge hit! 🙂 Thanks Juj for your cooking inspiration ❤

I donned my new (favourite! haha) vintage dress, dragged along my pretty pyrex bowls & a few bottles of bubbly

😉 all together it was a perfectly relaxing friday evening!

a big thanks to the lovely Sharon for hosting such a wonderful party


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