Owl Eyes

Now I know that I have a habit of being behind the times in many things (including the fact that I only just realised that my birthday is in 1 1/2 weeks time! Yes…slow times my friends, slow times!) but this just made my day!
Whilst re-discovering some of my favourite tunes from 2001/2002 I stumbled across iTunes free music video of the week (see, slow times!) Raiders by Owl Eyes. I clicked download (as I was mid-downloading-frenzy) and it wasn’t until I sat down (or stood up…while eating my salad…over the kitchen bench…) and watched it that I realised it was my missing song!!

I caught the end of the film clip a few weeks ago while randomly flicking channels & not only did Shazam fail me (sadface) but the music program did not mention who the song was by!
So now I’m a very happy little camper 🙂
You should definitely check it out if you have a chance – it’s super cute!


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