Roar’N’Snore Part 1 – The Night

Step right up to the most magical night EVER! When Gracie invited me to be her date to the Melbourne Zoo’s Roar’N’Snore evening I was beyond thrilled & also a little bit concerned…
While I’ve been wanting to go camping for years, this would be the first time I was sleeping in a tent since the 10th grade (more then 10 years ago), and apart from that…we were in a zoo?!! I swear, I had images going through my head of Gracie suddenly speaking parsel-tongue and a giant python slithering out of its enclosure while I became trapped inside, Dudley style! 😉
Regardless, we rocked up, & straight off the bat we were the only “couple” to not have a car (Thanks to Mike so kindly dropping us off). The giggles began immediately as we were made to lug our “camping” gear in by hand while everyone else drove into the zoo!
We made the most of it by clowning around the empty campsite…

…and getting ourselves the first (and best!) tent!

Ridiculously excited about our Zoo sleepover!

Now…I’m sure this post will be completely long & winding…but it will also be very photo heavy (don’t say I didn’t warn you!) 😉

We sat around in the old elephant enclosure come camping ground

Had some wine and dinner…

posed with the fluro elephant moulds outside our tent

Before heading off on our night walk of the zoo!!!
Now we couldn’t take any photos while we wandered around at night as the flash would hurt all the animals eyes…so we spent a few hours walking around, throwing apples to Bong Su (the elephant) & learning far too many true facts then one can keep track of (we’re thinking of setting up a website for Gracie titled “True Facts by Grace”…whattayathink?)
We patted snakes & turtles, watched the siberian tigers skulk around & waited for the last star attraction…who didn’t show. We decided it was just an empty enclosure and our guides were lying… 😉

After all that walking we were rewarded with supper of the zoo-stars! Mini pavlovas & choc chip cookies! (I won’t go into the hot chocolate debacle as it was such a let down to stare into that mug of lilac water…yes, lilac! Now let us never speak of it again…)

Instead we played with skull moulds in our giggly sleep deprived state…

before retiring to our tents to prepare for a night of bizarre animals noises & a far too early wake up for our early morning tour….

…Night Night sleep tight and mind the lions don’t bite


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