Roar’N’Snore Part 2 – Sunday Zooday

Morning! (hahaha)
We slept through our alarms & had 15 mins to wake up, eat breakfast, splash water on faces, brush teeth & pack up all our belongings to prepare for our morning Zoo tour!
Early morning wandering without coffee (well, without proper coffee) are always interesting, but this was the first thing we saw

eeeeeeeeee!!! Hello Giraffey First up was feeding the Giraffes which was soooo amazing! The were HUGE & we were kind of startled and too asleep to take photos! Smart move (it’s ok, we more then adequately make up for this later!)

Next came the pelicans!

They got little fishes that we had to try and throw on their giant bills!

(the seagulls kept swooping in & probably managed to steal half the fish!)

These little guys were next on our visit list

they waddled around their enclosure making soooo much noise for such tiny creatures, but they were just so so cute!

That concluded our Roar’N’Snore experience, but we still had a whole day to explore the zoo, so we headed straight to the cafe to grab ourselves a coffee

And without further ado, I shall now bombard you with 101 photos of our lovely day…

(I wore my winter snow boots! I may have looked silly during the day, but they kept my feet warm at night!)

I never read the plaque underneath so I actually have no idea why there was a statue of Peter Pan in the Zoo?! But yay! Peter Pan ❤

eeeee lil cuties ❤ ❤
and not so lil cuties ❤ This big guy reminded me of Morla, the giant turtle in the Neverending Story (you know, the one that kept sneezing and knocking Atreyu over?? Love that movie!)

we saw these lil dude so many times!

they were Gracie’s favourites

We even got more coffee & snacks from Meerkat Manor!

this poor bear looked so sad 😦 He was pacing around his enclosure and he was all by himself… 😦

Thank you Gracie & Melbourne Zoo ❤  I had an absolute blast


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