Shabangabang drops in to town

Deb & I jumped on the tram late Sunday arvo to head to Shan’s “I’m in Melbourne for a day” drinks. πŸ˜‰ We’d both had a late night, well, I got home at 3am while Deb…

…she got home just after 8am?!! hahaha
a caffeinated beverage was necessary to her survival!

We picked up a bunch of roses on the way, because even if Shan was only in town for a day, everyone loves flowers!

The lovely Shabangabang!! ❀ (with her brand new hair!!)

We continued our drinking, though I chose a Pimms cocktail! Sooooo refreshing & delicious! (even after a night of drinking)

We discussed life, ate yummy foods & planned a giant girls trip to Wimbledon next year! London 2012, here we come!

The lovely Spirit and Shabangabang!
Farewell Shabangabang, until next year when we all catch up again…

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