mini outfit post

Hello Friends! πŸ™‚
Unfortunately I’m still feeling less then chipper, so I thought if I dressed up in a new vintage pretty for work it might lift my spirits!

(please excuse the dodgy camera angle…I was hiding out in the change room at work & I didn’t have much space to move)
I found this dress the day before we headed up to QLD & it was the first thing I packed in my suitcase (or overnight bag…I will start using my vintage suitcases…as soon as I’m sure they won’t burst open mid-flight!). It feels absolutely incredible on, though the bottom half is completely sheer.
While packing it to wear for work I remembered it was sheer…but thought it was the top half…so I packed a singlet to wear underneath…!

Brain fail!
I blame being so frazzled & silly on being sick, but regardless, I ended up pulling the singlet down as far as I could & using it as a mini slip! (I was hiding behind the counter for most of the day anyway!)
I might have to sew in a slip to reduce the risk of this happening again (sickness or not! hehe)


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