and i’m back…

This past week has been a hellish roller coaster that I’m more then happy to leave behind me. I became so ill I couldn’t sleep…which after 2 1/2 days lead to a seriously delirious me looking like the walking dead (though not as scary as the ones on the tv show of the same name…I do love that show, even if it does scare the pants off me!)
Numerous trips to the doctors resulted in no real answers (apart from “you need some sleep” Now, I’ve never had a phobia of needles per say, but the past few times I’ve had to take my pup to the vet I’ve felt faint &/or had to leave the room when she gets any shots, so to be on the safe side I averted my eyes right before go time.
All was going well…until I heard a faint gurgling sound from the needles direction! This was enough to send me faint and dizzy & there ended the idea that I was fine with needles!
After a lay down and lots of water (& some chocolate…maybe lots of chocolate…) I decided to head back home, with a slight detour past my favourite op shop.
Buried amongst the cluttered racks was this little treasure…
Squeeeeeee ❤ My very own leather satchel!!
It has pockets galore and sooooo much space for laptops and cameras and all the paperwork a girl could need to carry! I floated home, still faint from my needle (& without chocolate by this stage) but with a very happy heart.
Mike arrived home not long after & while I was excitedly attempting to show him my new satchel he handed me a box from the postoffice. I love mail, but I had no idea what I had possibly purchased recently (I couldn’t even lift my head up let alone buy things online) so I cautiously opened said box to find….

My new (old) apple iBook!!! ❤ (please excuse my bed hair)
I completely forgot that Mike had bought it for me to replace my first ever Mac that was stolen 8 years ago! Ahhhhhhh!!!
I then rambled excitedly about my new iBook being perfect for my new satchel & a whole lot of other nonsense that I can’t remember (because I got tired & had to go have a nanna nap! teehee)
So here I sit with a sore arm & a happy heart with my two “new” pretties ❤
Thank you Mikey ❤


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