life according to my phone

I often lose track of the days (I managed to misplace one entire year whilst updating my resume!), so photos have always helped me to pinpoint a moment in time & reflect on how much I have managed to pack into everyday (week, month, year!)
While the size of my iPhoto library scares most, & I constantly have friends staring at me in amusement as I attempt to scroll through the thousands of photos on my phone, I wouldn’t have it any other way! πŸ˜‰

Here are a few photos (most via instagram – you can find me under @cheraynatalie) of what the past week has looked like for me…

(do you like my outfit photos within a photo? teehee!)

Hmm…food seems to make a constant appearance in my photos, doesn’t it? That and coffee…
Speaking of which, it’s coffee time
Hooraaaay for the weekend


2 thoughts on “life according to my phone

    • Thanks lovely ❀
      Blogger was driving me crazy – would never let me save or publish posts!! I'd been trying to post that I'd moved blogs for a while but it just wouldn't let me! So crazy! hehehe xxx

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