buying treasures is an addiction i can’t quite seem to quash, though, when i get to thinking about it, i don’t really think i’ve tried!
i love it and i love the thrill i get when i walk into an op-shop (or thrift store for my friends up north) not knowing what little treasures may be just waiting for me to find them! 🙂
i’m also obsessed with instagram & photographing anything i lay eyes on, so if you follow me on there (i’m @cheraynatalie) chances are you’ve already seen these photos. (i’m just covering all bases…ya know…)

these treasures were found at 2 of my favourite op-shops (both in walking distance! yes!)
the vintage suitcase (which isn’t pictured properly) is an early Christmas present from my Mama, or at least, it’s going to be (thanks Mama!). i found a couple of cute, summery vintage dresses and that lovely painting that will join the other random painting collection i’ve been gathering. i’m pretty sure this one will find a home in my kitchen, maybe above my wall of polaroids? 😉
the wooden cheese box was one of those find that made me gasp and lunge towards it like a slight madwoman! i found one at an antique store and parted with more money then i should have to make it mine, so this one was an absolute steal at $4.95! i’m thinking it will be the perfect storage box for my vinyl collection (yes, i know! like i need more collections!).
the wooden world map box/bag if such a peculiar little thing, though it kind of suits me to a tee! i bought the hosiery purely for the packaging (don’t you love it?!!), the vintage frames were too cute & how can i go past scarves and dresses?! 😉
I’m a sucker, i know!
my shop is in the works – i know i’ve been saying this forever, but it really is! i’m starting to run out of space to store all these pretties, so keep your eyes peeled for the launch of Other Pretty Things in the new year! Wooo! ❤
happy treasure hunting


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