first meal of the new year

happy new year!
2012 is here & Melbourne is putting on a wonderful display of what Summer is really like in Australia…unfortunately for me, i hate summer! I’m a winter baby at heart, and this heat is slowly destroying my soul…? hahaha melodramatic, yes, but seriously?!
my new morning ritual has become waking earlier to take puppy out, grabbing a takeaway coffee down the street…& allowing puppy to walk me as i stagger behind attempting to a) wake up & b) drink coffee.
i love her little face in this picture. it’s as if she’s saying “mummy! give me that coffee…now!”
love her ❤
i managed to miss the countdown for the New Year, not because i was sleeping, but because i was watching a movie (*coughs*harrypotterandthehalfbloodprince*coughs*) & i realised i hadn’t seen it before (wtf?! i own this movie and i was convinced i saw it at the movies, but there was only one scene in the entire 2 1/2hrs that i can remember..?!), and if it hadn’t been for my parents phoning to wish me a Happy New Year i probably wouldn’t have twigged! hah!
Anyhow – Happy New Year from pupface & i! Hope you all stay safe and have a wonderful time ringing in the New Year.
(Mikey i miss you! hope you have a happy new year baby <3)


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