coffee scene

if you follow me on instagram you may have picked up on the fact that i like coffee…a lot!
in fact, i believe i’d be safe in saying that 1/4 of my photos are either of coffee or feature coffee in some way (usually the lid of my coffee cup, or a giant mug of said coffee…the size of my head…as you do!)
and my coffee-photo-taking habit is on the rise thanks to my lovely friend Juj introducing “coffee scene” into my life.
it’s rather simple really, it involves taking a photo of yourself with a lovely cuppa joe & posting it to your loved ones.
while it may seem silly to some, we do love our coffee…& we don’t live as close to our loved ones as we wish, so sharing a snap shot of our morning/coffee obsession is such a lovely way to stay in touch ❀

it also showcases some fine sleepy eyes & morning hair (above left anyone?), particularly from my end!
i’m trying to get some more of my family folk to join in…anyone else care to join us? ❀


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