girl time 2011

i spent new years eve art journaling, and one of the reoccurring themes seemed to be spending more time with my girlfriends.
i didn’t see them anywhere near as much as i would have last year (along with the pitiful amount of times i managed to visit my family interstate…was that 2 times? in an entire year? yea – that will be worked on this year too!) but i’ve already managed to nip that in the bud!
The past month has been filled with girl time so i’m feeling very very loved ❤

here are a few snaps from some girl time toward the end of 2011 – Twilight movie night at the GoldClass cinema from back in November, and a delicious feast with the girls right before New Year ❤

lounging with these lovely ladies

seriously – how big are these chairs??

(they even have space to store your bags!)
((also, we did spend 95% of the movie giggling…hysterically! oh ridiculous movies/books, how i love thee!))

dinner dates are the greatest…
especially when you ask to keep the menu so you can continue ordering more delicious treats!

Erin and Gracie trying to choose

oh hiii Deb 🙂

the very lovely Deb and i

i’m almost certain that this is why i’m usually behind the camera…i can be very annoying! 😉

Erin explaining the term “Wenis”…

this is the closest i got to a group pic – even though both Gracie and Deb aren’t in it! 😉
i also forgot to take picture of food and drinks? so unlike me! i blame it on the fact that the drinks arrived first & we were starving! buh bye delicious food!

buh bye lovely date night


5 thoughts on “girl time 2011

    • So true Calista! We had to make sure the seats weren’t too far back because they were a little too comfy! (plus they bring you blankets if you’re cold…& food…& drinks…! it’s amazing!)

      • What’s the price of your movie ticket for that kind of service? Is there a button you push to get them to bring you a blanket? What an amazing theatre!!!!

      • it’s called “gold class” and it’s not cheap – $45-$50 just for the seat! (but then, it costs almost $20 just for a normal movie over here anyway!)
        you can order off a menu before the film starts & choose the times you want certain things brought to you – you can order cocktails, pizza’s, lamb etc…not just popcorn. and you have a button you can press if you need something! hehehe it’s quite fun x

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