sydney getaway with Mama

i don’t get to see my family as much as i would like, so i was over the moon when Mama & Ken got me a surprise weekend getaway to Sydney with my Mama! ❀

it was the cutest Christmas present ever (on a proper certificate to boot!), entitling me to return flights to Sydney where i would meet up with “the best Mama in the world!” (teehee!), 2 nights stay at the Hilton & 2 tickets to see Miss Polly Rae & the Hurly Burly Girls (a burlesque show from London’s West End)

finally seeing Mama for the first time since October!

of course my photos wouldn’t be complete without my obligatory coffee shot (Mama still thinks i’m crazy when i take photos of my coffee…and my food…)

we got all dressed up to go to the show…but i forgot to take any photos!

except this one…
…demonstrating what happens when you put your cupcake down to take a photo of it! πŸ˜‰

we spent the rest of the weekend walking, eating & relaxing!

the pretty pretty harbour

bats! they were everywhere!

we headed down to Doyle’s across from the Opera House for a delicious seafood dinner

look at the lovely view!

we had peach bellini’s and Mama was thrilled to find they were putting slices of fresh mango in them!

with my mango-loving Mama ❀

farewell Sydney & farewell Mama ❀
miss you already xxx


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