beach date nights

the weather really has been incredible this summer, so we decided to make the most of it…
what better way then fish & chips on the beach?!

Gracie & Deb

i was less then impressed with my hats inability to stay out of my eyes… 😉

our delicious dinner feast!

two of my favourite ladies striking a pose ❤

soaking in the evening sun (this was at 7:30pm!!)

playing with shadows 😉

(…& “face” towels…)

with dinner time done & having successfully thwarted Deb & Gracie’s plans of a gym session (after fish & chips?! hahaha!) we decided to head back to my place, get changed, grab pup & head off for a nice evening stroll…

…& we returned just in time for this…

(captured by Deb on her iPhone)
so so beautiful

Kerouac checking out the sunset

looking over walls at the bay below
We walked for an hour – making a mental note of a pitstop we were planning to make on our way back home…

ice cream!!!
i’m not sure what happens when you see those twinkling lights on the ice-cream truck, but we were all far too excitable! (as were the group in front of us!) we could barely make our minds up with what we wanted & there was a lot of squealing. Deb settled on a pink sherbet cone while Gracie & i stuck to choc-flake cones! YUMMM ❤

apparently ice cream makes me go crazy 😉

the rest of our walk home was spent trying to eat our rapidly melting ice creams while dodging clouds of strange bugs… and i battled with pup as she tried to drag me into the ocean/bushes!

Greatest date night ever! Thank you ladies ❤
(some of these photos were stolen from the lovely DebbyLegs & Gracie)


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