family, food & tennis

my little brother Richo & his girlfriend Anna came down to visit for a week while the Australian Open was on, so we spent a wonderful week watching far too many hours of tennis (live and on tv!), eating nonstop & attempting to beat Richo at cards (we eventually succeeded! yes!)
first things first – breakfast for lunch at my favourite spot, followed by card lessons from the card master himself πŸ˜‰
wandering around by the seaside

…and making Richo & Banana be tourists πŸ˜‰

our first day of tennis we hopped a tram into the city

before setting up court side for the match(es) to begin
what followed was hours of tennis, spotting Federer warming up for his match that night, more tennis…then finding out that Federer’s opponent had pulled out?!! nooooooo Federer???!!

we moved to the outdoor courts to see what was happening & there we stumbled across another epic match…
as the match wore on the sun began to set
to give us these beautiful colours ❀

intensely beautiful! ❀

not so beautiful were the swarms of birds & bugs that took over the courts, leaving us to huddle in fear of bug attacks (well, leaving me to huddle in fear of bug attacks!) while some (i.e: Richo) took to extreme measures to stay warm…
(yes – on the left you see him unwrapping his roll…and on the right you see him using the aluminium foil as some sort of a knee warming device! in his defence, the temperature halved in minutes!)

the three musketeers after a very (very!) long day of tennis

& beautiful Melbourne by night

next day was more walking…
…and more tennis (naturally!) πŸ˜‰

Anna & i taking in the court

the kids hanging out at the beach (if they were in a band, this would be their album cover)

and my new favourite pic of puppy (snapped sneakily by Anna while Richo & i were waiting for her)

love you both so much! ❀ ❀
miss you already


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