other pretty things

since i’ve been bombarding you with random photos of date days/nights I thought I better restore sanity and throw together a list of “other pretty things” that have found themselves in my lust list of late 😉

1. this gorgeous dress over at Vintage & Gee’s etsy shop!

it’s so very pretty (& it’s my size…and did i mention that i love it?!) but i’m trying so hard not to buy anything this week…but i may have to make an exception 😉

2. how to throw yourself a pity party

Gracie sent me an email with some photos from Wit + Delight on how to throw yourself a pity party and it absolutely made my day! the banner is made my Megan Galante & the whole idea actually brings a smile to my face! what better way to kick that bad mood in the butt then with a party like this! 😉

3. these cake batter milkshakes over at A Beautiful Mess

i don’t even think words need to be used – i mean, look how delicious these look! Emma & Elsie always have the greatest tutorials, not to mention the funfetti milkshake has my name all over it – i’m a total sucker for 100’s & 1000’s! 😉

4. living in Twin Peaks

this is by far one of my favourite tv shows of all time! i love everything about Twin Peaks & the decor just makes me swoon! I mean – black and white stripes, red velvet…donuts…coffee?! yea – my thoughts exactly! 😉

i’d be living in a Twin Peaks themed wonderland in a heartbeat…if it wasn’t so hot…& it suited our art deco apartment! 😉 but mark my words, when we move into a cabin in the woods, i’m there!
speaking of Twin Peaks, i’m certain that a Twin Peaks marathon is well overdue…anyone care to join in? the coffee and pie is on me 😉

5. Elsa Billgren

i have a girl-crush on Elsa ❤ her photos are the prettiest and her collection of vintage dresses makes me giddy!
i remember discovering her blog a few years ago and wondering how no earth anyone could have a vintage dress collection that large…& before i knew it my vintage dress collection of 3 had turned into well over 150! (does this mean i can blame her for my obsession with vintage? hehehe) she’s all sorts of adorable! go check out her blog & see what i mean…

that wraps up other pretty things for now…feel free to link any pretty things that have crossed your browser recently in the comments below
big love & bottomless cups of coffee (mmm…)


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