happy first day of fall!

happy first day of fall!

i’m so excited i can hardly contain myself…!
just like clockwork, the sun is disappearing earlier, the temperature has dropped (dramatically) & i’m beginning to plan all my wonderfully layered outfits in my mind ❤

there will be an endless selection of coloured tights, an array of fingerless gloves, fun shoes (which will eventually include a stunning pair of flat boots…when i find them!) & of course, my (expanding) vintage coat collection! Ahhhhhh!!!!! so happy ❤

today i’m planning on making a giant pot of lentil & vegetable soup…& maybe a lasagne…!
yes! i better get to it – it really is going to be a great day!

hello to my most favourite season (ever!)
i really do love you ❤


6 thoughts on “happy first day of fall!

  1. Ah, fall! It looks like we’re skipping winter and moving right on into spring here. We desperately need the rain, so if you have some you won’t use, send it our direction :-}

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