sydney holiday with Wifey

last friday morning Gracie (aka wifey) & made our way (far too early & with coffees that weren’t filled to the top…?! seriously?! I paid for a large coffee…filling it halfway before 7am is just going to make me mad!) by tram & then bus to Β the airport for our Sydney/Harry Potter Exhibit weekend! (squeeeeee!!) ❀

…and what better way to kick us off into holiday mode…

…then eating ham & cheese croissants…at an airport… (goodbye healthy eating!)

(whilst staring at our plane! yay!)

(and this would be the first photo i took when we arrived in Sydney…)
by this stage it was lunch & we were starved, so we found a cute cafe nearby called Pickwicks. (we both chose it based on the type font they used for their menu…geeks right?!)

they had a gorgeous little courtyard where we headed out to soak up some rays…

well…for Gracie to soak up some rays πŸ˜‰

and to drink some deliciously strong coffee ❀

don’t mind if i do! πŸ˜‰

my french toast was the craziest blend of flavours…but somehow…they worked perfectly!
we spent the rest of the afternoon resisting the urge to spend all our pennies at the incredible array of vintage homeward & clothing stores. i still can’t believe i didn’t spend any money…what’s wrong with me?!
the humidity eventually took its toll so we headed to a gelato store we has seen earlier the morning…
it was the best decision! so so very delicious!

now…the whole reason of our trip was the Harry Potter Exhibit…but when we got there we found out that we couldn’t take any photos?!! whaaaaat??? it was amazing though…& we may have purchased the $20 photo of us superimposed in the Great Hall…as you do…
upon leaving said exhibit we became somewhat entranced by the beautiful buildings around Sydney…so possibly due to being unable to photograph anything Harry-potterish…i went crazy photographing buildings!

this giant warehouse was just incredible…
we filled the rest of the day with ridiculous amounts of walking, eating…

and posing…

we posed with our chocolate frogs

($5 for a chocolate frog…speaking of which…where is my frog Wifey??)

posed with our coffees to send the lovely Julia some coffee scene photos

posed with juices & pretty flowers

…and posed with street art πŸ˜‰

we saw stars on tables

and laughed at the size of Gracie’s expensive gluten free toast in comparison to my normal toast (they were literally half the size! hahaha!)
there was some drama & almost meltdowns that night as nothing went to plan…but thanks to some “boozy” peach bellini-type cocktails, deep discussions about having hawk ears (?! this then turned into a discussion on all animals with ears…it involved demonstrations…you’re welcome…) & following the music to the craziest looking club we’d ever laid eyes on…our night ended just after 4am! words can’t describe it (& the pictures are a bit…well…) it was so much fun!
thank you Gracie for being my travel buddy (& a huge thanks to Grace’s uncle & aunty in Sydney for playing host to us!)

2 thoughts on “sydney holiday with Wifey

  1. A) you and mike are adorable. It gives me hope haha
    B) I shall hand over your chocolate frog later today.. Maybe.. If it lasts til then..
    C) I am still shattered about that bread. I may never get over it.
    D) I ate gelati last night. Oh the divine memories!

    Thanks wifey xxx

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