on the road

i’m not going to lie…when i first heard they were turning On The Road into a movie, i was nervous.
i even put off listening to or reading anything about it, especially once i heard Kristen Stewart was involved! (no offence to the girl, but i’ve seen all the Twilight movies & while the teeny in me loved them, it had nothing to do with her “acting“…)

anyway…yesterday Mike sat me down & announced that he was going to show me the trailer…
i was tense. i know it’s ridiculous, but this book, these words…they changed the way my life was headed at a time when i most needed it & i didn’t want anything to tarnish that…

i was blown away.
there i was, sitting there just waiting to tear it to shreds, when instead, i found myself sitting & watching, tears in my eyes & goosebumps covering my entire body.
maybe it was because they used my favourite quote:

or maybe it was because they actually got it right.
they somehow managed to capture the essence of the book..(well, as much as a short trailer can show of it anyhow!)
i can’t wait to see it. it reignited that passion in me, just like the book did all those years ago.
On The Road was a life changer.

i received my copy 10 years ago, right before i embarked on my trip of a lifetime! i was 18 years old, had purchased the biggest, brightest suitcase i could find & waited till 4am the morning of my flight to finish packing. i packed my “life” in that suitcase. all 32kg of it (how on earth i managed to carry it, i have no idea!!)
this book was in there too & when you look at the pages it’s so easy to see.
dogeared, yellowed & ink stained, it’s a reminder of the journey that i embarked on & the choices i made.
the inscription in the front never fails to warm my heart as it’s from a dear, dear friend who i’ve known for most of my life ❤

after 9 months of travelling, i hit a wall. a huge wall that seemed to tower over me & i was powerless to escape it.
i sought solace in this book. in the hope & joy and wild abandon of its pages.
then… i quit my job in Canada, bought a greyhound bus pass & packed a teeny tiny backpack.
i planned a 2-3week journey travelling down the west coast of America. I wanted to visit the redwood forest & travel down the 101, but a mudslide forced a direct bus trip to San Francisco…& there I met Mike.

after 3 weeks of bumping into each other by accident & on purpose, we got a driveway car (a concept i only knew of from reading On The Road) & left LA for the long drive to Florida.
i threw all my plans out the window
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 18
we saw giant crosses
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 11
my navigation got us stuck in snowstorms…
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 03
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 15
got stranded in Flagstaff
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 29
visited oklahoma
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 06
drove along route 66
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 35
we even ended up in New Orleans on Fat Tuesday!

…and when we finally made it to Florida (after an undocumented stay in Miami…?! how funny life was before digital cameras!)
USA Roadtrip 2003 - 57
we jumped a greyhound bus for the 2 1/2 day trip up to NYC.

this random road trip would not have come about if it wasn’t for this book.
the words inspired me so much that i made a drastic change, i grabbed life with both hands & possibly scared the crap out of it for a while 😉
i was reckless & made decisions that probably made my families hair stand on end (hiring a car to drive across america with a man you’ve just met…? are you out of your mind?!!), but i felt alive & inspired & so very full of life!
i took a chance & said yes & it’s such a beautiful thing to look back on.

here’s hoping this movie will inspire a whole new generation, & maybe re-inspire those who have forgotten that thrill of being on the road…


(…and thank you Jadey for the kindest gift. it was more then suitable company. love you…)


10 thoughts on “on the road

  1. Oh that is awesome, thanks for sharing! I have never read any of these books, but I am soooo excited to now! I will have to get it this weekend! 🙂
    Thanks for sharing your awesome stories from your travels! What an incredible experience it must have been!
    I want to travel the world!

  2. Oh love, this post made me a bit teary. I am so happy that something I gave you has been such an influence on your life. That book meant so much to me and the fact that it has underpinned so much your life and of our friendship (2002 was 10 years ago!!) always makes me happy. Love to you, my little roman candle.

    Jadey xx

  3. That’s an amazing story, Cheray! Reading about how you packed your bags to travel the world and kept running into the boy who would eventually become your boyfriend and then! roadtripping with him across the US gave me goosebumps! It’s like right out of a book! If you wrote a novella about it I would definitely read.

    Thanks so much for sharing your story! And I want to pick up that book now! xoxo

    • aww thanks so much Amy!
      it’s funny how easy it is to write about – even if it is the first time i’ve ever properly written about it all!
      (i practically lived at City Lights Bookstore in North Beach – love it there!)

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