other pretty things

i’m still buzzing from Finders Keepers market (or maybe that’s from all the sugar i’ve consumed!), so a few of my favourite things may be very Finders Keepers-ish… 😉

the finders keepers market! AHHH hehehe! so, so good!

the delicious cupcakes from Mr Nice Guy! my oh my! they were incredible ❤ it was also the first time i tried red velvet cupcakes!
cue mind blowing type fireworks here! seriously!

the lovely stationery by Jessie over at Truth Be Told
after going gaga over all the incredible stalls at the Finders Keepers Market, the only things i managed to come home with were 2 cupcakes (i may have eaten the other 2…maybe…!) & 4 of Jessie’s lovely cards! I bought one of her cards at the markets last year & have been smitten ever since! ❤

hello pretty Taco Truck! even though we had a 20 minute wait to order…followed by a 45 minute wait for the tacos to be made…it was worth it! i don’t know how to explain it apart from saying they were the best darn chicken tacos i have ever eaten! (i may be addicted…maybe…)

the magic trip movie
oh woah, where do i begin?! this film has so much incredible footage of some really interesting characters! watching Neal Cassady is just mind blowing! he just never ever stops! you can really see where Jack Kerouac drew inspiration for the character of Dean Moriarty from. just such a fascinating watch. i highly recommend it!

volume three of Kinfolk Magazine
i managed to get my paws on an actual copy over at MagNation (i had no idea they stocked it?!) & i can’t stop drooling over it! such a beautiful publication ❤

the beautiful art of my friend Karolina ❤ she really is such a talented lady
you should definitely check out her blog too ❤

any other pretty things come across your screens lately?
feel free to share lovelies


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