it’s May! it’s May!

May is here (say what?!!! when did this happen?!!), and as per usual, the weather here in Melbourne is giving us a run for our money!
One day it’s warm, then next is freezing cold (I even wore thermals to work the other day?!! thermals?! in Australia?! to be fair, our heater at work is broken so it really is fricken cold!), but i’m still loving this preparation for winter! ❤
April brought with it an abundance of wonderful vintage market adventures (including a mini night bazaar on a school night in my neighbourhood?! so so exciting!), the beginnings of a book club started by some of my girlfriends, cramming breakfast at tiffany’s the night before our first book club meeting (eeeps!), after work drinks, wine & cheese dinners, brunch dates & a ridiculous amount of planning!
I finally started on my business plan (so i can properly put things into action!) & i managed to donate several bags of clothing & other items to charities.
my wardrobe is now 90% vintage! haha i kind of love it! 😉
anyway, here’s a little instagram wrap up of my end of april/beginning of may ❤
happy may lovelies ❤


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