date days & nights

armed with my newly purchased op shop guide, Mikey & i hired a car (ours got lost in the floods over a year ago now!), grabbed a macca’s breakfast (possibly the last for a long long time now! eeeesh!) & hit the road for a day full of shopping ❤
here are a few snippets captured via my iPhone
breakfast of champions (&/or people who slept in…maybe…)
i found some friends i wanted to bring home with me from ikea
how cute are they?!
wise words found on a flyer

after finding that my chair refurbishment project was going to have to go on the back burner ($180 for the foam alone?! yikes!)  Mike made a detour to the USA Food Store to try & cheer me up.
it worked! 😉
i became just a little bit giddy at all the delicious goodies on offer! i mean, that tin of Libby’s Pumpkin cost me $7!!?
I didn’t buy any of the others, but the reese’s puffs cost $19, and the party bag of reese’s pieces and peanut butter cups each cost $17 per bag?!! American friends – please tell me how insane this is in comparison to what you pay (so then i can cry)

night time fell, so we decided to drive out to the gorgeous Sun Theatre in Yarraville for a movie date ❤
we saw the Avengers (oh Thor ❤ swooooooon) & now i can’t wait to go back & catch up on Iron Man 1 & 2. hello nerd alert 😉
here i am showing my friend Amelia that the pop up garden she created is still here! (granted, it was midnight, absolutely freezing & most of the “garden” had been packed up for the night) if you happen to be down by Yarraville you should definitely pop by the Sun Theatre.
love that place ❤

the next day was incredibly warm! i mean – look at me! i’m wearing a sundress!!! last night i was wearing so many layers (as you can see by the above picture) that i looked like a snowman
we had a lovely play date with pup in the park – look at those ears fly! ❤ i absolutely adore her (& although i call her “pup”, she’s actually 7 1/2 years old!) & Mikey too! such a wonderful morning
spending the past couple of days with my favourite person & fluff ball have been incredible
just what the doctor ordered
love love ❤


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