other pretty things

it’s the end of May already! hello winter! i’m so exited to meet you! 😉
here are a few pretty things i’ve found myself lusting over of late…

oh oh oh!! ❤
the Cleveland Sofa by Thrive Furniture has stolen.my.heart! i’ve been on the hunt for a new sofa for the past few weeks due to the sudden demise of our sofa bed (i may have pulled out a large wire rod from said sofa bed several years ago…i always wondered what its purpose was…now i know! hah!)
unfortunately for me, they’re based in the USA, but they do ship internationally… i’m too scared to find out what that cost might be though 😉

Flappergirls gorgeous neck ties! this galaxy print is absolutely gorgeous, but i also love the red & white scalloped print & the blue with the lace flower adornments. definitely added to my wish list ❤

the lovely Katie from Skunkboy Creature‘s hair!
i’ve been wanting red hair for years now, but i haven’t had the courage to give it a go.
Katie’s lovely locks make me want to try! how gorgeous is she?! she’s also just blogged over at A Beautiful Mess with 5 tips for keeping red hair bright (i absolutely love her outfit in this post too! so cute!)

this gorgeous 1960’s bathing suit from Oh So Lovely Vintage
even though winter is beginning to set in here, i can’t help but think of a tropical Hawaiian holiday for my birthday (as i do every year…) & this would be the perfect addition 😉

following on from that “beach holiday” state of mind, these coconut & lime candles from Sweet & Tender tie in just perfectly!
they come in 3 different sizes (large jar, all the way for me!) and there is free postage Australia wide! yes please! ❤

now last, but definitely not least…
bb (13)
the lovely Gala Darling has her Radical Self Love Bootcamp at half price until June 6th!! Say what??! I’ve been reading Gala’s blog for years & i love the positive message she sends out – so i just signed up! I’m ridiculously excited for what this bootcamp entails so i’ll definitely let you know!
(i’m not at all affiliated with Gala in anyway. i purchased (& loved!) her podcast series & i love her blog & i’m super excited about the self love bootcamp! get on it!)

what’s been catching your eye lately lovelies?


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