Today I…

  • woke up at 6am
  • chatted with Richo & Anna whilst they were in transit
  • had a coffee in bed (thanks Mikey)…
  • …followed by a morning nap (?!)
  • walked to check our PO Box
  • struck opshop gold, finding a lovely red Louis Vuitton baafoul omg with many other fun things!) for next to near nothing! So in love ❀
  • checked out all the fun new stock at Lunar Store
  • had a coffee catchup with Jules
  • bought Anthology magazine for me & the Smith Journal for Mike
  • had a delicious strawberry milkshake
  • grabbed a late lunch of my favourite breakfast meal (sweet potato hash browns with poached egg, avocado, spinach & bacon!! Oh oh ohh!!!) with Mikey
  • sold two vintage leather suitcases
  • took pup for a late walk as the sun set
  • cooked us up a lovely dinner of steak, fries & roast veggies
  • experienced my first ever earthquake!!!
  • video skyped with Richo & Anna from their hotel room in Paris (overlooking the Eiffel Tower no less!! Ahhhh!)
  • discovered a 1.5m crack in the wall (thanks earthquake!)
  • read the great gatsby (new bookclub book!) whilst unwinding in the bath


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