farewell June

June is coming to a close & my weeks are filling up with endless commitments. don’t get me wrong, it’s a wonderful, busy time of life & i’m loving every minute of it…it’s just challenging my not so fabulous current time management… (i’m working on it!)
here’s a few pictures of what the end of June has looked like for me…
delicious coffee & waffles graciously given to me by the lovely Pilgrim ❤ i’m rather certain these 2 items singlehandedly saved my sanity at work! Thank you Pilgrim
from where i stand – my brand new tights keeping me toasty warm while i wait for Deb & Grace to finish at the gym 😉
Deb took us to a secret vintage haven!!! my oh my!! it’s not really a secret…(or is it?)
Deb & Grace finding treasures
matching my bag with my coffee…as you do…
a visit to the circus
a rainbow of Penelope Durston gloves
and such a beautiful sunset to say farewell to june
i’ve got family coming to stay over the weekend so i’m off to clean house & stock up on the essentials (popcorn…skittles…soft drinks… things tween/teen girls love…right?!)
much love ❤


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