a wonderfully surreal type of day

yesterday was one of those wonderfully surreal type of days – well, more so surreal evening-come-mornings! 😉
it started with a well deserves sleep in, after which I grabbed myself a latte & headed over to the local farmers market.
this has to be one of my most favourite things to do (in the world!), but rosters, schedules & my forgetfulness has meant that I’ve only managed to catch a handful in the past couple of years!
cue sad trombone…
anyway, I’d finally made it back so I spent a blissful 45 minutes soaking up the beautiful (sunny! Thank you Melbourne! Finally?!!) sights & sounds, as well as snapping up some fresh produce & fragrant flowers! Mmm
Not long after, Deb swung round to pick me up & we headed over to the other side of town to visit her sister & shower little Olive with some belated birthday gifts.
I bought her a pair of the mini Melissa shoes
how cute are they?!!
(it’s been a hard task stopping myself from buying them for my “oneday/someday” children, let me tell you! Hahaha)
we had lunch…
…well, i had breakfast for lunch (hello delicious baked eggs & ham! Nomnomnom!) & we lounged around for a bit before heading off to have a quick explore & find ourselves some coffee
on the drive back we decided we’d momentarily part ways – so I could be a responsible dog owner & so Deb could drop her car home, before reconvening for some food & a few drinks…
come 6am we were still chatting in my lounge!!
I’m almost certain that the espresso martini I had was one of the main culprits behind this quiet-come-crazy all-nighter, but I wouldn’t change it for the world!
some of the best nights happen when you’re least expecting it (& usually once I’ve stated that I’m having a quiet night & will go home early…you’ve been warned!)
although I missed a huge garage sale (it started at 6am hahaha) & I’m not quite awake, I’m feeling so wonderful! Spontaneous outings with good friends are the greatest!


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