happy busy weekends

saturday included (but was not limited to)

  • takeaway coffees
  • farmers market meanderings
  • the possible purchase of four dozen eggs….
  • attempts at outfit photos with puppy in the park
  • beautiful beautiful daffodils
  • relaxing in the sun
  • first outfit change of the day
  • heading off to (early birthday) high tea celebrations with the ladies
  • eating so much i almost burst
  • evening bus rides after champagne
  • outfit change number two
  • succeeding in making espresso martinis
  • girls night in with many champagnes & much laughter
  • girls night out at our local bar
  • hilarity ensuing…

the above events were all captured on various cameras…
(like this one, stolen from Alex’s Facebook!)
once i track them all down (! hah!) i will happily share
now i’m off to the Film Festival with Mikey – we’ve got 3 films in a row, including On The Road! ahhh nerves-a-kimbo on that front! we’ll see how it goes…
hope you’re having a wonderful weekend

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