Farmers Market Outfit

farmers market 1
oh hai!
Saturday morning Mikey, pup & i headed to the farmers market so i could stock up on eggs & pretty daffodils! (no seriously – i’m slightly obsessed by these eggs! they’re soooo delicious!)
farmers market 4
we tried a few different angles but pup seemed intent on looking away from the camera…
farmers market 3
she also pulled me into this giant log a few times & almost smashed all the eggs i was attempting to hold. thankfully i was still a bit sleepy & all i did was laugh…as you can see this had no effect on her focus away from the camera!
farmers market 2
no matter how hard we tried, pup remained focused on not focusing on us…until…
farmers market 5
success! (though please ignore my face….!)

also, the only full body (non-blurry) shot we managed to snap was this one
market outfit
…which happens to be my least favourite out of them all!
oh well!
that’s what happens when you’re holding 4 dozen eggs & trying to control a hyper pup at the same time!

vintage floral pleated skirt – thrifted
black wrap around cardigan – Sportsgirl
Djeco cape – thrifted
vintage yellow headscarf – thrifted
Melissa Wanting II shoes – Lulu
Leather tote – gift
lovely daffodils & four dozen eggs – Farmers Market ❤

(pup is wearing her glow in the dark collar and her very old harness….she’s also distracted by everything!)


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