3 outfit photos

i’ve been feeling under the weather since my birthday (boo!) so apart from working, going through boxes of tissues like no tomorrow & somehow stumbling around in existence, i’m not really sure what i have been doing!
my phone decided to die & i had to pay $180 (on my birthday no less! seriously – don’t get me started!) to replace my faulty APPLE IPHONE! (<– yes apple! I’m mad at you for making me pay because you gave me a faulty product!! rantrantrant!!!)
so as a result i have only a handful of photos on my phone…a possible relief from the 4000+ that were living on there previously πŸ˜‰
these guys were still on there, so i thought i’d share a snippet of my outfits over the past few weeks…

this red, white & blue dress was a recent find that i just had to have. despite not trying it on upon purchasing it fits like a glove!
it is super sheer though, so there were many layers underneath, & my red cherry cardigan was a must have over the top.
the vintage enamel flower brooch was an etsy find i had forgotten about (whoops!) but it snagged my hair all.day! and not even just a little catch, but an entire chunk of hair would become tangled in the petals! does anyone else have this problem, or is it just my unruly hair??

post birthday/day two of flu
clearly…i like my red cherry cardi! πŸ˜‰
i was pretty sulky about getting the flu on my birthday so i wore my new striped dress (a birthday gift from my Mama) with my red cardigan & me new MAC red lipstick.
red lipstick is a new thing for me – i had to wear it at all my dance performances while i was a child, so i’ve kind of avoided it…until now! i figured it would lift my spirits…but forgot that it would also match my poor sickly nose!
what you can’t see are all the layers on underneath this outfit! what you can see are the bright blue penelope durston woollen fingerless gloves (my saviours!) & the merino wool blue mesop scarf. hello wool. i love you ❀

extreme flu is here/that isn’t a coffee in my hand
what you have here is a cheray in full-flu-sickness.
my dress was another recent vintage find & it matched perfectly with this merino wool Viktoria & Woods cardi.
my (unwashed) hair is cleverly disguised in lovely crown braid (making it seem like i’ve put it loads of effort…which i have….) which had the girls at my local cafe telling me i looked like a member of the Von Trapp Family…they also asked me to dance for them…i declined…
i’m also not holding a coffee (shock horror!) but a lemon honey & ginger (known as an LHG) which i am maintaining a death grip on. i ask for it extra strong…in a burn “your throat from so much ginger” kind of way.
this is also the last photo i took of my Melissa shoes before tripping & snapping the bow!! 😦
super sadface occurring right about now.
(hopefully i’ll be able to superglue the bow back together…)

if you haven’t noticed, the flu makes me a little more silly than usual! i tend to ramble (a lot) more about things of little to no consequence! πŸ˜‰ as such, i will keep my blogging to a minimum until i’m a little more human πŸ˜‰
big love & stay warm


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