today i…

  • slept in…kind of
  • took pup on a quick walk with Mikey
  • felt the change in the air… spring is definitely just around the corner! 🙂
  • had scrambled eggs & delicious latte’s for breakfast with my love ❤
  • caught the bus
  • caught an old man who nearly fell over when the bus took off too quickly! bless!
  • overheard (one side of) the funniest phone conversation. ever! including (but not limited to):

“i don’t just want love time. not just bang bang time, but dinner too!”
“just buy me the perfume! then i smell good for you when you see me”
“if you look after me maybe i don’t need to work so hard”
“i’m not using you! why would i use you! i can’t believe you!”
you make me feel like i’m a prostitute!”

this + more was all blurted out very very loudly on our very very silent bus. i’m pretty sure the only other sound was me snickering because really, what else could you do?! well, one lady behind us got really annoyed at yelled at the woman to shut up, but to no avail! 😉 ahh the joys of public transport!

  • stepped off the bus & learnt that my summery full skirted dress was not ideal for such a blustery day
  • was stuck in a wind alley battling with said dress while Mikey giggled
  • finally made my way over to Lunar Store (on Greville St) to visit Jules & check out her awesome new stock
  • drank delicious soy latte’s whilst catching up
  • ate a somewhat bland pumpkin salad
  • took some polaroid snaps with my new gold framed impossible project film
  • bought some amazing mustard & grey chevron striped tights
  • walked home, still battling with my dress & the weather
  • made myself a cup of tea & began sorting through my vintage
  • reheated last nights left over pasta for dinner
  • spent 5 hours cataloging vintage…(it’s only the beginning! eeps!
  • went somewhat loopy & had more giggle fits into the night…

it was such a lovely day.
i’ve been meaning to put in some proper hours to get my shop up & running for so long now so i definitely feel excited to have made a dent in it!
how was your tuesday?


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