one of these things is not like the other

say hello to my polar opposite outfit photos!
here is a demonstration on what happens when in one look, you dress yourself…
whereas in another… someone else chooses what you wear…(& then makes you wear it even when you say a) i don’t like it, and b) the style does not suit me. at all!)

photo number one features me looking ridiculously happy in my new favourite dress
how happy do i look?! and no, i’m not drinking a coffee so it’s not some temporary caffeine high either!
i bought this Carmen Jones dress as a present to myself on my birthday & it’s become a firm favourite! it’s ridiculously flattering & cute as a button!
add double layer tights, my new merino wool cardi (thrift gold i tell you!), my winter-staple penelope durston gloves & my Melissa’s (which i managed to step on & snap the bow in half! nooo!) & i’m the happiest lady in the world! ❀

photo number two really shouldn’t need any explanation (though you can be sure that i will ramble on about it for a page or two!)
for one, note the unimpressed look on my face.
two, note that i have cut out my face in the bottom right pic. you don’t want to see the look. seriously.
i’m wearing an ill-fitting (on me) button-up shirt-dress/sack. it’s my definition of dress hell.
thankfully i had a cardi to cinch the waist in…but this only made it look like i was wearing an oversized shirt…with tights…

it’s making me shudder just looking at it!
please avert your eyes and look at photo number one again where i look decent! :S

have you ever found yourself in dress hell? was it of your own making? or were you forced there like me…?

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