Sydney mini-trip via my iPhone

we’re back from what may officially be the shortest trip ever!
after a 4am wake-up (ohhh…myyyy!!!) we were airport bound before landing in Sydney for a one night stay.
Mike was at a film course on both days, so i filled my time catching up with friends, looking at vintage/antique markets, drinking coffee, eating cupcakes, trying on & buying vintage dresses (& a cape!), taking photos of my food & swanning around in vintage dresses with my hair in braided crowns.
i was annoyingly stereotypical… πŸ˜‰
here it is in iphone photos…

this is the look i will give you if you take a photo of me with a flash when i have been up since 4am & i have only had one coffee (it was 9am)
this is the photo i will take (sans flash) 30 seconds later…
the incredible place my lovely friend Davey took me for brunch
i actually want to live here! look how beautiful it is ❀ ❀
(the food & coffee was superb as well!)
picture perfect view from our very gigantic table
more coffee…well, coffee stains after coffee
all caped up
beautiful Sydney sunsets
The Winery! oh my oh my!! most delicious dinner & absolutely stunning surroundings! seriously can’t talk this place up enough! (even more exciting that i spotted it on my last trip here & had it on my “to visit” list! eeeee)

day number two begins right here…
coffee with my love!
(not pictured is the absolutely repulsive “home-cured bacon”…! i gagged when i saw it & trying it had the same effect! never again people…!)
i then wandered over to Surry Hills & tried on a tonne of vintage dresses
i bought the two in the left picture (the one i’m wearing & the one hanging up behind me) but i left the one on the right. i’m kind of wishing i bought it, though Mike just told me i look very “little house on the prairie” in it…i think it might just be the hair πŸ˜‰
it’s also possible that i bought another cape! (though this one is more Lord of the Rings/Harry Potter-esque)
can i just add that this picture cracks me up! i was trying to fit in the whole cape while in such a teeny change room, but i’ve just ended up looking rather snooty! haha! the joy of change room photo snapping πŸ˜‰
pit stop at Kawa for the tastiest club sandwich ever…
…& some coffee & journalling time
then i caught up with Jadey for Milkshakes at Joe Blacks!
eeeee! when Mike suggested our mini trip to Sydney, i messaged Jadey on a total whim just to let her know i was going to be there & to see if she maybe had any plans to also be there…& she did!! ❀ ❀ ❀
usually we miss each by a couple of days, & last time i was up north i wasn’t able to see her 😦 but this time we managed a couple of hours of girl time – just drinking strawberry milkshakes (this was a ritual when we were 17/18 years old!), eating cupcakes in the park & catching up on all the goss ❀
it was a total stars aligning kind of moment…just pure magic!
thank you Sydney! i kind of love you!
i’ll be back very very soon

i’ve had to edit all of my photos as the app i was using has been altering them & reducing the quality. hopefully i haven’t missed anything, but if it starts to look a bit off, this is why.


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