finding the words

San Fran 2010
an hour ago I realised that what I’ve always wanted was lying here at my fingertips – just a pen & a blank page.
I’ve spent years not even thinking twice about it (far too many years), it comes so naturally to me, just like breathing.
I love the way that the ink sprawls across the page as I race myself to get all the words onto paper. once I start they just keep coming & more often than not, when I read back, I have little to no recollection of what I’ve written.

writing frees me.

how is it that I’ve spent years searching for the one thing I’ve always possessed? the ability to share & communicate through words.
somewhere along the line I became sidetracked. I attempted art journaling, photo blogging & a number of other outlets, but ive rarely shared raw & unedited words.
maybe as I’m sitting here I realise that something has changed. I have changed.
I’m willing to open myself up to others.
I’m willing to share again.
this is a beautiful life we’ve been given.

don’t waste it chasing someone else’s dreams…


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